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Space Snaps – Photos of Space!

The Milky Way and its bright central bulge shines above palm trees at the shore of the Pacific Ocean in a clear winter night of the Cook Islands in the southern hemisphere. © P.K. Chen

Did you know the Milky Way has 100 billion planets and roughly 200-400 billion stars?


Milky Way Shot From Turkey

The summer Milky Way rises above a small lake in this thick forest that blocks the light pollution from nearby towns. Saturn, Mars, and Antares (the alpha star of Scorpius) form a beautiful triangle near the image center. From the photographer: “Lake Bozcaarmut in Turkey is a favorite spot for fishing, camping, barbecue and also stargazing. After the Moon was gone I started this panorama. This was around when Saturn and Mars were closest to us and shining at magnitude 0.0 and -2.0 magnitude. They were 15 degrees apart.” Tunc Tezel

The Milky Way

A collaborative work of two photographers, combing images of northern and southern hemisphere sky. The upper photo shows the winter landscape of Zermatt in the Alps, Switzerland, with Mount Matterhorn in the center. At the same time the southern hemisphere summer is shown on the bottom image by Luc Perrot, captured from Salazie Circus in Reunion Island, southern Indian Ocean.